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PG Solutions - Data recovery, Data transfer, Data backup

Data recovery

Should your computer be damaged to such an extent (either through hard drive failure, software corruption or a virus for example) that it is beyond repair, we will endeavour to recover your files for you and minimise the damage to your data.

PG Solutions have the latest tools to ensure a fast and cost effective data recovery solution for your lost or damaged data – even when you may think it is not there anymore! Whether it be all your precious photos that you have been meaning to back-up for months, or just a single document, we can get your data back to its original state. Please contact us for more details.

Data backup and transfer

If you have you purchased a new computer, PG Solutions can copy your data, music and video files; email and address book; and internet favourites from your old machine to your new one. We will then test your new machine to ensure all your data and settings are complete and functioning correctly. Please contact us for more details.

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