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PG Solutions - Bespoke PC builds

Bespoke PC builds

PG Solutions provide impartial advice in relation to all aspects of installing and managing your IT needs. After a consultation to establish your current or planned PC usage, we can provide you with a computer system that will meet all your requirements, with room for future expansion/upgrade – making the system as future-proof as possible. Our aim is to ensure that your computer system will do all that you require of it, now and in the future and within a reasonable budget.

Our new systems are provided with 1 Year's on-site warranty and include delivery and installation. Please contact us for more details.

PC upgrades

In this ‘credit crunch’ era that we find ourselves in today, your money can go further by allowing PG Solutions to find the most cost effective solution to your PC problem - by simply repairing or upgrading an older system's hardware and/or software it is often more economical than incurring the expense of an entirely new system.

PG Solutions can recommend and install the right components to speed up your machine. We will never try to sell you an upgrade that is not necessary to your needs. Please contact us for more details.

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