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PC & printer troubleshooting and repair

It is quite common for a computer-user to spend several hours wrestling with a problem on their computer or printer that an experienced consultant could resolve in minutes. PG Solutions offer a fast and efficient PC and printer repair/problem solving service for both home and business users. Please contact us for more details.

Should your computer be damaged to such an extent (either through hard drive failure, software corruption or a virus for example) that it is beyond repair, we will endeavour to recover your files for you and minimise the damage to your data.

Before any repair work is carried out on any computer or printer, we will give you an assessment of the work to be undertaken and the cost involved before proceeding and give you sound advice on the practicality of an effective repair. Please contact us for more details.

Computer virus and spyware removal

If you connect to the Internet or receive emails, you are open to the threat of Spyware and virus attack. Having a virus on your PC can have a detrimental effect on performance and in some cases even cause your data to be vulnerable – PG Solutions can safely and completely remove viruses or spyware from your computer with the minimum of fuss. We have a complete armoury of virus and spyware removal tools along with the technical expertise to make sure your computer is virus free and any damage caused can be repaired. Please contact us for more details.

PC health-check

Are you irritated with having to wait for your computer to open a new window or software package? Regular day to day use of your computer involves installing and removing various programs, adding or deleting data and changing system settings. This can result in your computer not working to optimal levels. PG Solutions can run a wide range of diagnostic tests and ‘cleaning’ services to remove unwanted files and programs which slow your computer down. Please contact us for more details.

Operating system re-installation

Sometimes due to viruses or malicious software, the only viable option to solve a PC problem is to perform a reinstallation of the entire operating system. PG Solutions provides the maximum level of care and attention when providing this service. Leaving it to someone without the expertise can lead to data loss, incorrect installation of drivers for your hardware - or worse still, the original problem not being eliminated, and new ones being added.

'Don’t trust your system to an amateur, trust PG Solutions.'

Reinstallation includes:

  • Back up of your data before re-install to ensure it is safe and secure.
  • Format and re-installation of your Operating System.
  • Installation of the latest drivers for your hardware.
  • PC settings reconfigured to your preferred state.
  • Installation of antivirus software.

Please contact us for more details.

Maintenance contracts

If you have multiple PC's and printers PG Solutions offer maintenance contracts to cover you IT infrastructure. Please contact us for more details.

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