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More than nine out of ten connections to the Internet are via broadband. In March 2008, broadband connections accounted for 91.6 per cent of all Internet connections. This means more and more people have the luxury of browsing the iInternet for products and services. For businesses to compete in todays market and stay ahead of their competitors by exposing your business to potential customers all over the country - or even the world, the ability to direct potential and existing customers to a website has become an important marketing tool. PG Solutions is able to design and hosting, or a combination of the two services.. Please contact us for more details.

Website design

Want a web presence? PG Solutions is able to provide a range of web services – from the simplest of websites, with just a few pages providing audiences with your business details and a telephone/mail contact; to sophisticated sites that allow customers to purchase your products on-line. Unsure what you would need? When deciding the type of website you require, our core aim is to ensure the site is right for you. We offer a no obligation discussion session where we can talk about what your business does, and see whether a web presence would enhance your business. We offer practical & cost effective solutions to all your website needs. All our websites are designed to be fast loading, easy to navigate - we work with you every step of the way until completion to make sure the website you want is the website we produce. If your website needs a makeover or a complete rethink get in touch with us. Value for money is important, our entire website's are designed to be the most cost effective solutions to meet your needs. Please contact us for more details.

Website hosting

PG Solutions is able to offer a complete service for both web and email hosting - we can arrange and manage where your web page and email servers are located (on the World Wide Web) on your behalf. With the purchase of a maintenance contract you can be assured that your email and internet presence will be consistent and secure. PG Solutions can design, setup and maintain the day to day running of your website, including managing any enquiries received through the site. Please contact us for more details.

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